BIO Data

: 27
: Female
: Anthro-Feline
: 4'8" / 110lbs

Character Story

  She grew up in a vast desert within a tribal village. Orphaned when her parents died at about 8 years old. The tribe elder Sellillah took her in and raised her as her own. After Selliallah's passing on her 20th year she discovered that she was to be made the new leader to follow in the elder's footsteps. She grew fearful of this resposibility and of the thought of being tied down in this role never to see the wonders of the world outside. Her fear led her to wander steal herself away one dark evening outside of the protective walls and dissappear into the desert never to be seen again by the village.
  For a couple years Serena wandered about the globe exploring places she about which she could only prevoiusly dream. One day her travels brought her to the North into the frozen territory. Being a desert dweller she had never seen snow nor had she ever experienced cold of such magnitude. Lost! A sudden blizzard caught her unprepared, and her herself attempting to find her way through were to no avail. She collapsed from her exhaustion buried half-way in the snow

...more to follow